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Enrique Sánchez-Bayuela

Enrique is an Engineering and QA Manager for over 13 years, leading dynamic teams at companies like Aircall and Cabify. Currently, he specializes in AI testing using ChatGPT, innovating in simulating production traffic and evaluating audio transcriptions. Enrique also shares knowledge as a university professor. What he cherishes about testing is the challenge of ensuring product excellence and the continuous evolution in methodologies, especially with the advent of AI. Being an active contributor to the Spanish QA community, Enrique’s shared insights at various conferences.

All Sessions By Enrique Sánchez-Bayuela

Ensuring Accuracy and Quality in Multilingual Call Transcription and Summarization (TALK)
May 30th 12:00h - 12:45h
Track 1
Emotion Recognition in Voice: Building and Testing AI Models with Open Source Tools (WORKSHOP)
May 28th 14:00h - 18:00h
Track 4