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Security Testing

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Make a fearless start with security testing

Security (secure development) is very important for most organisations, yet few testers dare to touch it. Learn the basics so you can assist specialised security testers. Learn to use different tools and ways you can test security. Security testing can feel like a daunting task. It’s a test specialty, and often an afterthought. Testers and test automation engineers won’t replace security testers but can prevent many of the most common security vulnerabilities.

In this half-day workshop, learn about the most common security vulnerabilities according to the OWASP top 10. How do these common vulnerabilities work and why do bad actors want to exploit them? Learn to design applications that an unskilled bad actor can’t crack. Support your team in making the right decisions throughout the application life cycle. And, of course, testing the security of applications. Learn how to security-test forms, find known vulnerabilities in dependencies, test API authorization, and more. To be able to do all these things you need knowledge about common vulnerabilities and the various types of tools that can detect them. In this workshop, you get hands-on experience with various tools that can help you get started with security testing the next working day. This workshop would not be complete without talking about test automation. Your test automation probably also has vulnerabilities! Are these vulnerabilities a problem? How do you make sure your test automation is safe?

What you’ll learn

From this workshop you will learn:

You will have foundational knowledge of security testing.

By focussing on the most common security vulnerabilities, you will help your team to design and develop secure applications.

How to test for security vulnerabilities with and without automated tools.

What you’ll need

You will need a laptop with browser. Also a program to make http calls (for example Postman, Ready Api)

Workshop details

Track 4

09:00h - 13:00h · May 28th

4 hour workshop

Security Testing

General Level

Workshop in English

A short note from Sander on his workshop


Sander van Beek

Sander is a technical tester that focuses on automation. To him, a test worth doing, is also worth automating. He combines his technical expertise with the human and organizational sides of testing. Technical solutions are great, but the bigger challenge is making people use those solutions at scale. Sander thinks it’s fun to create something new. To him, complexity is fun and more complexity is more fun.