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Modelling User Behaviour

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Data Driven Decisions to Model User Behaviour

We make decisions about what to test and how every single day. But have you ever stopped to wonder why you made each decision you did? What helped (or didn’t help) you to decide your approach? There can be a lot to analyze here!

By applying a testing mindset to the process, you will take your decision making to the next level. You’ll explore how to use whatever data you must build better models of your customers and their behaviours. We’ll dive into how all of this can help you to prioritize where to test.  Let’s learn how we can use what we have available to us to make better decisions.

What you’ll learn

From this workshop you will learn how to:

Explore challenges in decision-making for testing.

Model user behaviour through data.

Prioritize testing activities based on the data and model you have created activities based on the data and model you have created.

Explore decisions made by others that use similar models.

What you’ll need

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Workshop details

Track 3

09:00h - 13:00h · May 28th

4 hour workshop

Modelling User Behaviour

General Level

Workshop in English


Heather Reid

Heather started her career as a mathematician and software developer. As a result of her advocacy for the end users and code quality, she moved to a testing role. Springboarded by her passion for quality and wanting to do a good job as the first and only tester in the company, she began to get more and more involved with the software testing community to help her learn everything she could to shine in this role. Heather continues to be passionate about delivering quality experiences to customers by encouraging collaboration within and across teams.