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Test Clinic

Test Clinic

Test Clinic

expo:QA’24 Test Doctor

Got a problem with testing you want diagnosed? Well, the expo:QA test doctor, Russel Craxford, will be on-site to help give you advice. Feel free to approach Russell at the test clinic with your testing challenges and receive a diagnostic on how to solve them 🙂

Visit our test doctor and get a little present to remember expo:QA!


Main hall during breaks

29th & 30th May

Test Doctor speaks English


Russell Craxford

A keen lover of quality and agile Russell hails from the North East of England where he’s helped set up and run several meet-ups and conferences. He’s a co-host of the Testing Peers podcast and passionate speaker at events on topics around agility and quality. Russell has also helped run the test clinic at a couple of conferences helping people with their testing problems. He’s a coach and mentor to others in the region and enjoys giving back to the test community. Having tested and managed in various environments he is currently working in UK government space.