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Robotic Test Automation

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Use of physical robots for end-to-end automation of Phygital (Physical + Digital) devices

In our daily lives, you would notice that our digital and physical worlds are rapidly converging. Be it at home or the workplace, human-computer interaction is happening all around us. As technology advances, more and more devices are enabled to connect with humans both digitally and physically. This merging of the physical and digital world has given birth to the term ‘Phygital’, providing a unique interactive experience for us. In the physical world, testing has historically been a repetitive mechanical process but in the ‘Phygital’ world not only physical outcome, but also digital outcome is critical to the end user, making complex testing a continuous and essential requirement.

Robotic Test Automation is a faculty in which robots or ‘collaborative robots’ are used to perform fully automated physical and digital end-to-end testing. This allows businesses to launch their quality phygital products faster. Join Vinod in his talk to understand Robotic Test Automation, which is a NextGen skill set required to test digitally connected devices using programmable collaborative robots (Cobots).

What you’ll learn

From this session you will learn:

End-to-end automation of Phygital devices

Robotic test automation

What programmable collaborative robots (Cobots) are

Session details

Track 4

12:00h - 12:45h · May 30th

40 minute talk + 5 minutes Q&A

Robotic Test Automation

General Level

Session in English


Vinod Wagh

Vinod is seasoned quality professional with 20 years of experience in software development and testing. He has developed many testing tools and frameworks, and he is passionate about using latest technologies and trends and leveraging them for product quality. Currently he is working on one such latest technology, Robotics for Quality Assurance domain for IT industry in Cognizant.