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Quality Metrics

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Indicators, the road to observability and standardisation

Who hasn’t sometimes found themselves responding based on feelings or seeing progress ranging from 0% to 100% after an update of the indicators?

To avoid such misinformation and uncertainty, we rely on the continuous measurement of the different stages of software development and, in particular, in the testing stages. This not only helps us to mitigate misinformation or uncertainty: it helps us to be efficient in the operation and use of resources, as well as to reduce time-to-market. On the other hand, it leads to incremental compliance with best practices, helping to achieve standardisation of our process; it facilitates the automatic detection of potential opportunity costs through early detection of functionality bottlenecks; it allows us, within a diverse ecosystem, such as a large company, to have a unified language for all teams. In short,

In this talk, Vicente and Gerardo will show how having clear and objective measurements allow us to determine if the return oriented towards the objectives is the expected one, and all this is achieved through an automatic and continuous measurement.

What you’ll learn

From this session you will acquire knowledge about measurements in testing and its applications.

Session details

Track 3

12:00h - 12:45h · May 30th

40 minute talk + 5 minutes Q&A

Quality Metrics

General Level

Session in Spanish


Vicente Martínez Ojeda

Vicente is a civil engineer in Computer Science and Informatics with 13 years of experience in software quality. Graduated in Engineering Sciences and ISTQB Certified, he has held several roles and led QA areas in different organisations. Originally from Chile and based in Spain with his family, he enjoys travelling and exploring new places and cultures. His meticulous approach and deep knowledge of software development has allowed him to solve problems and face diverse scenarios. Vicente is recognized for his commitment to excellence and innovation, standing out as a capable and passionate leader in creating quality solutions in the technology industry.


Gerardo Martin Casals

Gerardo Martín, responsible for automatic testing at Más Orange. With two decades of experience in the software development sector. Mainly focused on Quality in all areas, from evangelization, implementation, as well as execution. Very focused on automation as efficiency of the Quality Process throughout the Software Life Cycle, as well as the importance of including Quality from the conceptualization.