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Your problems never cease

Advisor, troubleshooter, engineer, fixer, consultant, expert. What do these words all have in common? They are all labels used to describe people who solve problems, a core aspect of leadership and testing. Everyone has problems, either explicit or implicit problems you may not even know yet. Something that should be better or improved. Perhaps it is on your mind right now or it’s a way of working just accepted as the way it is. There are always problems, they never cease, even as CEO you’ll have problems you have to solve.

Perhaps you are in a position to pay consultants or advisors to solve your testing problems, maybe your team or your manager is looking for you to solve the problems, or you’re the sole tester in a team? How do you become a problem solver and get buy-in with your solutions? Where do you start? What do you do? How do you get ideas?

With 15 years of testing experience working as a tester, a consultant, and a leader and having ran multiple testing clinics at events across Europe I want share with you my experiences, story’s, insights and wider  wisdom to know how to solve any problems in your path.

In this talk, Russell will share the lessons he has learnt and useful techniques to help solve testing problems for you and your colleagues. He’ll show you the key skills to become a trusted problem solver no matter the problem. Attend this session and explore how the right approach to problems can help to get buy-in to the solutions and influence others in the process.

What you’ll learn

From this session you will learn how to:

Become a problem solver even if you're not the best expert

Get buy into ideas and solutions via problem-solving effectively

Develop your problem-solving skills

Understand why problem-solving skills matter

Session details

Track 1

16:10h - 16:55h · May 30th

40 minute talk + 5 minutes Q&A

Testers & Teams

General Level

Session in English, Translated to Spanish


Russell Craxford

A keen lover of quality and agile Russell hails from the North East of England where he’s helped set up and run several meet-ups and conferences. He’s a co-host of the Testing Peers podcast and passionate speaker at events on topics around agility and quality. Russell has also helped run the test clinic at a couple of conferences helping people with their testing problems. He’s a coach and mentor to others in the region and enjoys giving back to the test community. Having tested and managed in various environments he is currently working in UK government space.