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HIGH FIBER COUNT – Weaving Quality into the Organizational Fabric

Organizational culture does not develop in a linear fashion, nor does it evolve in isolated pillars. Organizational culture is weaved together from many interwinding strands. It’s the way we recruit, the way we handle our daily meetings, the way we advertise ourselves. It’s the way we handle crisis, or change, or conflict. It’s how we design our offices and how we design our swag. It’s how we converse with each other, and how we communicate our wins and losses. Amir’s job is to engender a culture of quality in product groups that have dozens or hundreds or thousands of engineers working in them, and to ‘weave’ quality into the organizational fabric. Do you want to know how to do that?

This talk covers approaches, tools and strategies for effective communication and process design based on real world examples and experience. Every subject covered is backed by examples and suggestions for implementation that attendees can take back and apply in their own teams immediately!

What you’ll learn

From this keynote you will learn:

What the organisational fabric is.

You will be introduced to the three superpowers for effective communication you can leverage to drive your quality agenda.

Learn to think on how to structure your processes in a way that is self sustaining and to 'weave' them into the fabric of your organization.

Session details

Track 1

09:45h - 10:35h · May 30th

50 minute keynote + 5 minutes Q&A

Topic: Test Process & Methodology

General Level

Keynote in English, Translated to Spanish


Amir Shani

Amir is a Leader, speaker, mentor, manager, tester, guide. Most of all he’s passionate about quality and believe that quality should always be on everyone’s agenda, that no one part of an organization owns quality. He’s spent over half of his life preaching this faith. Over the past 20+ years he’s been testing, developing, managing and leading quality across a variety of organizations ranging from government and military, small and fast Israeli start-ups, mid range to big multinational corporations and, over the last five years, META.