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AI Testing

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Charting the Way: The Tester as Master, the AI as Apprentice

Experience of implementing AI-based tools and assets in a global QA office. What can we improve with AI?

The talk is about how AI does not replace the tester but empowers their capabilities and improves service quality. It will talk about how AI has been implemented and taught through a real case. There will be two visions, that of the team running the service as a provider (NTT DATA) as well as that of the customer managing the final delivery (Allianz). The focus will be through this experience to transfer the new challenges and how to approach this type of challenges.

What you’ll learn

From this talk you will learn:

That AI is here to stay but as a tool and not as a substitute.

There is not a magic tool that comes taught, you have to adapt it and make it learn just like any other tester.

Session details

Track 4

12:00h - 12:45h · May 29th

40 minute talk + 5 minutes Q&A

Topic: AI Testing

General Level

Session inSpanish


Alejandro Marron

Executive at NTT DATA and responsible for clients in the world of insurance companies in the field of QA. With more than 10 years of experience in consulting, he has always developed his professional career in the world of testing from his beginnings as a junior, through the stage of leader, to his current role as client manager. Always hand in hand with technology as the tester’s main ally and lever to improve services by delivering higher quality. Interested in the application of AI to quality services to provide teams with capabilities.