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Test Data Management

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Breaking the illusion: No true CI/CD without Test Data

‘Breaking the Illusion: No True CI/CD Without Test Data’ addresses the critical challenge of incorporating high-quality test data into CI/CD pipelines, which is crucial for transforming the aspiration of full automation into a tangible reality.

In this talk, Ana will emphasize how integrating Test Data Management into the CI/CD pipeline effectively solves this issue, providing reliable and quality test data essential for software development success. She’ll focus on how TDM not only improves quality, efficiency, and speeds up the implementation of CI/CD processes, but also represents a strategic investment leading to significant return on investment.

By ensuring the availability of accurate and relevant test data, TDM reduces costs associated with delays and errors in development, accelerates Time to Market, and enhances end-customer satisfaction.

What you’ll learn

From this talk you will learn:

Strategic Impact of TDM: Find out how TDM, as a strategic investment, not only reduces development errors and delays but also automates processes, leading to significant returns on investment.

Improvement in Quality and Efficiency: Learn about the ways TDM enhances quality and efficiency, speeds up CI/CD process implementation, and cuts development costs and time.

Smart Strategy for Competitiveness: Understand why TDM is not merely a measure to ensure software quality, but a clever strategy that enhances efficiency, fosters innovation, and boosts market competitiveness.

Acceleration of Time to Market: Observe how TDM can shorten the time to market for software products, thus improving satisfaction among end customers.

Practical Implementation Cases: Explore practical examples of icaria TDM's implementation and its tangible impact on software development automation.

Session details

Track 4

11:05h - 11:50h · May 29th

40 minute talk + 5 minutes Q&A

Test Data Management

General Level

Talk in Spanish


Ana Victoria Rodríguez

Ana is the principal product engineer at icaria Technology and is passionate about developing software to solve real-world problems. Over the past six years, she has taken on various roles within the company, including development, customer deployment, and team management. Her experience with clients enables her to understand the specific needs of different industries at each stage of QA. Leveraging this context and her previous knowledge, her goal is to design and develop software that allows companies to completely and correctly manage their test data. This advancement takes companies one step further in their CI/CD processes.