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AI Testing

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The impact of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) on digital accessibility testing using automation tools

Accessibility requires knowledge of technical and legal regulations to be able to create test cases that fit the project, as well as knowledge of the different languages to identify errors and to be able to execute the test cases efficiently. Merging the potential of generative AI with the most reliable library in accessibility test automation, hiberus solves the problem of accessibility testing so that QA professionals can carry out their work in a simpler, more efficient and consistent way.

In this talk, Breixo and Raul will discuss generative AI and its integration into automated digital accessibility testing. We will also debunk the myths and false rumours about digital accessibility, explain why accessibility is already a requirement in the industry and why it is important to leverage technology to do it efficiently and consistently.

What you’ll learn

From this talk you will learn:

Why including comprehensive accessibility testing in the QA process is a requirement in certain industries.

Why some statements such as ‘digital accessibility is expensive’ are completely false.

The benefits and limits of testing with automated tools, which ones are most commonly used and which one is best for us.

The integration of generative AI in automated accessibility testing.

What hiberus and generative AI brings to the future of accessibility QA.

Session details

Track 3

16:30h - 17:15h · May 29th

40 minute talk + 5 minutes Q&A

AI Testing, Accessibility Testing

General Level

Session in Spanish


Breixo Pastoriza

Breixo is one of the most recognised accessibility professionals in Spain. CPWA certified in accessibility by the IAAP, he is a member of the W3C Advisory Committee and is part of the international team of professionals developing the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) within the Web Accessibility Initiative. As a member of the board of the Spanish Association of Accessibility Professionals, Breixo develops activities aimed at promoting digital accessibility. He is also a member of UNE-ISO as an expert in digital accessibility and a member of the committee on accessibility in public procurement of ICT products: CTN-UNE 170/GT 1.


Raul Gérez López

Raul Gérez, Enterprise Efficiency Director at hiberus, has more than 15 years of experience in technical and business consulting working with different sectors, leading consulting projects and implementation of national and international technology solutions, playing roles of responsibility throughout the life cycle of the product and project from definition, through pre-sales and marketing, to operation and maintenance. He has extensive experience driving and coordinating initiatives across international teams to improve process efficiency in the areas of CI/CD, Project and Product Management, QA, Monitoring and Functional Design. Immersed in the latest technologies and initiatives in the QA field.