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Performance Testing

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From 0 to Hero. How to implement Performance Testing with K6

Get ready to discover the future of performance testing with K6! Since its emergence in 2020, K6 has revolutionised the world of performance testing, becoming an indispensable tool for performance testing professionals. In this talk, you will be taken through an exciting journey into a real case study, where you will implement K6 and witness its transformative impact for clients. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to learn, be inspired and discover how K6 is redefining performance standards in the digital age! Join us and be part of the evolution in performance testing.

Dive into the world of performance testing with this talk on K6! Víctor will explore how to develop projects from scratch and the benefits, demonstrating it with a real case study. From the conceptualisation of K6 in 2020 to its current leadership, you will learn best practices and strategies to optimise your testing. Discover how K6 can transform your projects and maximize system performance. Join for an exciting and educational experience that will elevate your performance testing skills to the next level.

Victor will unlock the full potential of performance testing with K6!

What you’ll learn

From this session you will learn how to:

Discover K6 and learn how to plan, develop and make the most of performance testing

Explore how K6 can drive the success of their company or clients

Session details

Track 3

15:15h - 16:00h · May 29th

40 minute talk + 5 minutes Q&A

Performance Testing

General Level

Session in Spanish


Víctor Trujillo Fernández

Since 2016, Víctor immersed himself in the world of QA, evolving in Capitole since 2018. He started as a meticulous Manual QA, exploring mobile apps and servers. Then, he launched as a QA Automator, mastering tools such as Protractor, Cypress, Jest and K6. He has worked with diverse clients, especially in Retail. As a QA Lead, his focus is on guiding teams to excellence. Victor is more than a leader, he is a facilitator and mentor committed to quality. His journey continues, looking for new ways to innovate and raise standards.