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AI Testing

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Revolutionising QA with AI: From Manual to Intelligent Automation

This presentation begins an exploration of the crucial role of artificial intelligence (AI) in redefining quality assurance (QA) practices, showing AI’s ability not only to automate, but also to significantly improve the test case generation process, thus presenting a formidable challenge to the conventional wisdom of experienced QA practitioners.

The Evolution of Testing: This segment provides a concise summary of how it has transitioned from manual testing techniques to the advent of automation, setting the context for the emergence of AI in the field. Application of AI in QA: This section clarifies how AI technologies are currently transforming QA testing. Practical AI Tricks for QA: Delves into specific, actionable strategies for employing AI. The Synergy of Human Experience and AI: Engaging in a thoughtful discussion, this portion emphasises how AI acts as a complement. Engineering Prompts for QA: Explores the innovative approach to engineering prompts in AI.

What you’ll learn

From this talk you will learn:

A solid understanding of the transformative potential of AI within QA testing.

Equipped with practical methodologies for integrating AI into QA workflows, participants will be prepared to raise the calibre and efficiency of their testing efforts.

Through the application of prompts engineering techniques, participants will acquire the skills to extract greater value from AI tools, ensuring the generation of superior test cases that meet the highest standards of quality assurance.

Session details

Track 3

12:00h - 12:45h · May 29th

40 minute talk + 5 minutes Q&A

Topic: AI Testing

General Level

Session in English


Diego Lucio D’Onofrio

As a customer-focused leader with a background in Quality Assurance, I have led multi-disciplinary teams, merging innovative technology with market demands in startups and tech giants. My ability to build trust and communicate effectively with technical teams has allowed me to lead technology transformations and deliver significant value to diverse organisations. I excel at recruiting and managing engineering teams, while maintaining technical competencies in code analysis, networking and security. My strategic approach promotes growth and continuous improvement based on leadership, software development, quality, and systems architecture.