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Testing UX

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Smart Shift-Left Testing: How UX, Development and Testing can make use of each other

The pharmaceutical sector is heavily regulated, with testing being a crucial part to ensure patient safety when using medical devices. Efficiency in testing strategies is vital for maintainability, reducing team costs, and enhancing product quality simultaneously. Raquel Vilas, the highest authority responsible for SW testing activities at Instruments Development & Lifecycle Management of Diagnostic Grifols and current leader of a major UX project, will share how to implement a smart shift-left testing strategy. This strategy integrates UX considerations into the SW development lifecycle to improve product quality while increasing the efficiency of the testing teams.

What you’ll learn

From this talk you will learn:

Gained valuable insights into integrating testing teams into UX processes and leveraging this to your advantage

How to coordinate development and test team activities to benefit from each other without unwanted overlaps

Discover strategies to reduce software maintenance costs while simultaneously improving product quality

Session details

Track 2

15:15h - 16:00h · May 29th

40 mins + 5 mins Q&A

Topic: Testing UX

General Level

Talk in English, translated to Spanish


Raquel Vilas Sánchez

With a robust career spanning over 21 years, Raquel embarked on my professional journey in 2002 as a SW developer of simulators for civil works. In 2012, she decided to pivot her career and ventured into the pharma sector. Since then, she has specialized in the development and testing of IVD instruments (used for blood analysis). Currently, Raquel holds the position of Tech manager SW testing, being the highest authority responsible for all SW testing and UX activities in a highly regulated industry. In 2018, Raquel’s interest in UX led her to embark on the UX4Everyone project, which made her a specialist on this field.