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AI Testing

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Revolutionise bug management with La Cucaracha’s dance of AI and automation

Anais will discuss La Cucaracha, born from a hackathon and fuelled by AI technology. By comparing bug report content with team contexts and ownership, it automatically assigns bugs to the most suitable team, boosting efficiency and accelerating issue resolution.

Key takeaways include lessons learned from executing a successful hackathon and understanding the inner workings of La Cucaracha. How AI not only provides solutions but also support during solution development, as demonstrated by the GPT API and GitHub Copilot. We will also explore the integration with Slack, JIRA and Amplitude, which further streamlines the bug management process.

What you’ll learn

From this talk you will learn:

Actionable techniques for using AI to streamline your bug management process, reducing manual effort and frustration while improving team efficiency

Ways how AI can support you in creating innovative solutions, by (test) code generation and identifying coding issues

Practical tips and insights on optimising your time and productivity when participating in hackathon teams, ensuring you make the most of your skills and resources while driving successful project outcomes

Session details

Track 1

16:30h - 17:15h · May 29th

40 mins + 5 mins Q&A

Topic: AI Testing

General Level

Talk in English, translated to Spanish


Anaïs van Asselt

Anaïs is a test automation engineer, coach and enthusiast. In 10 years, she gained a lot of perspective at a variety of organisations and (test automation) tooling, both frontend and backend. In pursuit of sustainable test automation, she applies a context-driven approach, Bruce Lee Driven Development and joins forces with developers. In 2022 she started her mission at Choco in Berlin to build a sustainable supply chain and reduce food waste worldwide. Challenge accepted!