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Test Management & Strategy

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Why Testers don’t get Credit Cards

During a sync-call with an AI-automation tool vendor who was trying to ‘make it’ in the testing market, some interesting epiphanies happened. They were a funded start-up, their target audience; testers. Exciting, cutting edge technology that would help testers reliably automate repetitive tasks away. They were saying all the right things and none of the ‘replacing testers’-things…However, they weren’t finding profitable ground. Testers were overly critical, often requesting conflicting things. Most importantly, though, they didn’t have credit cards to pay for the tool, even if they were convinced.

Beren has traveled far and wide, given hundreds of RiskStorming workshops and has been perplexed that 90% of testers have difficulties phrasing risks. Risks are why we have a job. They are the foundation of the story we need to tell. Testers don’t get credit cards, because most of us aren’t worthy of it.

In this talk, Beren will explore why this is a problem and how to do something about it.

What you’ll learn

From this talk you will learn how to:

Gain insight into how testers have gained traction in different companies

Tailor your testing to what matters to the company

Get the tools to make testing valuable and show that value

Session details

Track 1

12:00h - 12:45h · May 29th

40 mins + 5 mins Q&A

Topic: Test Management & Strategy

General Level

Talk in English, translated to Spanish


Beren van Daele

Passionate about challenging, agile focused projects. Beren loves getting the best out of teams through motivation, guidance, vision and strategy, often from a supporting and coaching position. He helps companies achieve higher quality, valuable software either through better testing, clearer product vision and change leadership. Beren is a self-employed, Creator of RiskStorming, TestSphere & RiskStormingOnline, organiser of BREWT, Cyclist, Consultant, Traveller…