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The Great Liberation – Software Quality Management in the Age of AI

The pace at which we are incorporating “artificial intelligence” into software testing is unprecedented and presents multiple ethical and technology challenges for the testing industry. As “AI” firms disband their ethics teams and commercial adoption outpaces the regulatory environment, the importance of quality systems couldn’t be higher.

Through this keynote, Keith will explore the difficulty of testing networks and algorithms we don’t fully understand, how to refocus your test approach to adapt to AI tools, and a path forward for the testing industry to stay relevant when we need good testing more than ever.

What you’ll learn

From this keynote you will learn:

The complexity and consequences of incorporating AI into our systems and how to test them

How testers should approach AI in testing and the range of tools becoming available

What the software testing industry needs to do to adapt to the reality of AI in testing

Session details

Track 1

14:15 - 15:05h · May 29th

50 mins + 5 mins Q&A

Topics: Test Management & Strategy, AI Testing

General Level

Keynote in English, translated to Spanish


Keith Klain

Keith Klain is a Director of Quality Engineering at KPMG UK, where he leads software quality, automation, process improvement, risk management, and digital transformation initiatives for retail banking and capital markets clients. With over 20 years of experience in software quality management and testing, he has built and managed teams for global financial services and consulting firms in the US, UK, and Asia Pacific.