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Program Chair Opening

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Let’s talk about the 2024 program!

Practicality encapsulates the core essence of what we aim to achieve – a deep dive into the practical implementation of quality-driven practices…
As software testers, we understand the vital role our work plays in shaping digital landscapes, and this conference is designed to equip us with the tools, insights, and strategies to uphold the highest standards of quality in our daily endeavors.



Sanne Visser

Sanne Visser is a test manager and quality lead at Capgemini in the Netherlands. She has over a decade’s worth of experience in software testing. Throughout her career she has worked on a wide variety of projects from insurance systems to railway software solutions. Her main technical focus is E2E testing in complex software systems. She was chairperson of the blockchain testing community from 2018 to 2021. Sanne is a part-time stoic and loves talking to her team about learning resilience using stoicism. Her motto is ‘Every effort is beautiful, you are what you do everyday’.